Shooting range for everyone

When people enjoy shooting, they only have it easy if something like a slingshot, a bow or an air rifle is enough. Such weapons are generally not subject to any regulation, with a reasonable degree of caution, they can be used slowly in many places, and therefore anyone can enjoy them enough.

But when it comes to real firearms, tools that can be deadly, all the jokes go away. And there are so many restrictions that a lot of us may never get a chance to shoot something. Because it would require, for example, joining the armed forces or obtaining a firearms license, and this is not something our people would like or manage. And so real firearms are inaccessible to many of our people. Or, to be more precise, almost unavailable.

kolt s municí

Why almost? This is because an exception confirming the rule can be found. And that is the Prague shooting range, where even those to whom the company would not have entrusted any weapon as a precaution can shoot themselves.

When someone decides to enjoy shooting in Prague, they have a chance. He has nowhere to go, he will find a place where he will lend him a weapon and all important equipment. And where they also provide such a person with an instructor, which is understandable, because entrusting a potentially deadly weapon to someone who can\’t handle it would be a gamble.

pistole Glock

So here at the shooting range, everyone who loves shooting will enjoy plenty of adrenaline. It doesn\’t matter when they decide to go here, because this shooting range is accessible all year round, regardless of the weather. Just make an appointment and come, and that\’s it.

Which is a good solution. Definitely better than a situation where someone would want to shoot so much that they would buy an illegal weapon and choose the people around them as a target. Which is the main reason why those who like to shoot find it so difficult to satisfy their passion.